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Sales Recruiting

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The traditional hiring process for sales recruiting is broken. Here’s what normally happens.

Step 1 – Place the add. – Here’s the problem. Most adds are written for the company and the position. They don’t attract the right candidates in the first place.

Step 2 – Collect the resumes. – Here’s the problem: Resumes are typically just brochures written by a 3rd party and what is missing is more telling than what is there.

Step 3 – Interview your top picks and make the offer. Here’s the problem; Salespeople are great at first impressions and are good at telling you what you want to here. They are usually better at interviewing than the interviewer.

Step 4– Hope and pray. Hope is not a strategy and the Lord helps those who help themselves.

So what to do to hire Sales Staff that not only can sell but WILL SELL? And a Sales Manager that not only can coach but WILL COACH grow the team, hold everyone accountable and lead?

Change your sales recruiting and change the way you identify, attract, screen, interview, hire and onboard new Sales Staff and Sales Managers.

Sales recruiting firms are paid to send you candidates they hope you hire. In most cases, those candidates are no different than what you already have on the team and that doesn’t necessarily raise the bar. Sales Recruiters only address Steps 1 & 2 above. That does not fix the problem. Sales Recruiting firms are not Sales Experts.

Boost Performance will transform the way you hire sales staff and teach you everything the sales recruiting firms don’t want you to know.

  • How to Identify the Ideal DNA for your perfect salesperson or sales manager.

  • How to write ads that attract the right candidates

  • How to screen them against your unique DNA, and automate the process.

  • How to run a 5-minute phone screen to disqualify the wannabes.

  • How to read a resume between the lines.

  • How to turn the interview into an audition.

  • How to build competitive and comprehensive compensation packages.

  • How to run a final interview.

  • How to build a successful 90-day on-boarding program.

Find out if your sales hiring process is broken: Tool – Recruiting Process Grader

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