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Sales Tactics

Sales tactics, steps and effective sales techniques alone will not produce equity or long term change in training or produce top-line results. Successful sales development must take into account:

  • Your current systems and processes

  • Your unique differentiation

  • Your specific industry, products, services, and your position in the market.

  • Your strategies to go to market.

  • Your current sales team strengths, weaknesses and hidden weaknesses that neutralize the strengths.

​Buyers today are even more sophisticated today than they were 2 years ago. The ability for the buyer to research, compare, educate and inform themselves on potential services, solutions and products cause them to show up much further down the buyer's journey. Therefore, sales professionals must be able to quickly identify where the buyer is on their journey and get in sync. Without a milestone centric sales process and sales system, the salesperson finds themselves answering questions and typically presenting too early. Once the presentation is made all leverage is lost and no hope exists to gather more of the right information to help the buyer recognize your unique differentiating factors and discover they should buy now form you, not later from someone else.

To implement Sales Tactics, effective sales techniques, and a sales process, you must first teach the sales team how to think differently and install the right supportive beliefs, systems, and processes. When the sales team learns the right sales systems, sales processes, philosophies, and fundamental concepts, they don’t need techniques or scripts.

People buy from people, first.

Just using a new set of words or sales techniques will not change anything but what is said. If what is stated, is not stated with sincerity, conviction, with their words and their style, discomfort from within appears and that repels prospects and clients.

While Sales tactics, sales strategies, and milestone centric sales steps are part of any sales development program they do not have effectiveness unless there first focus on fundamental beliefs, that drive successful behaviors.

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