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Sales Strategy

At Boost Performance, we help you first recognize your Sales Strategies, then determine what factors if any may be in conflict with one another. When your Sales Strategies are in conflict with one another it delays success. Additionally, when your Sales Strategy is not communicated effectively your team is not marching to the beat of the same drum.

Think of Sales Strategy and alignment of those Sales Strategies as the guiding beacon for your business. The sales strategy is what gives purpose and direction to the day to day decision making of your Sales Leaders and ultimately your sales team resulting in overall sales process improvement.

Sales Process Improvement​​

Do your Sales Strategy, Systems and Processes support high-performance sales?

Sales Process – can you define it in less than 7 Steps?

Sales Systems – is it transferable?

Prospecting Systems – do they create consistent results?

Qualifying Systems – does yours create 80% closing?

Sales Coaching Systems- Is your Sales Manager coaching effectively?

Accountability Systems – Do you inspect what you expect?

Sales Strategy Systems produce pre-determined outcomes when implemented correctly. With no common sales language, there is no consistent way to coach a sales process. Without a prospecting system, opportunities are lost. Where there is no qualifying system, time is wasted and pipelines are bloated. Without a coaching system, it is just conversation. Accountability is one of the pillars of sales success.

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